To do list

29 01 2016

Someone lost this sheet of paper wherein his to-do list is written, and which I came across by the train station. I picked it up, shoved it in my coat pocket, and read it upon boarding.

Freddy, 30, New York.
To do.
March 4 (1988? the handwriting here is not quite legible).

  1. Buy Groceries.

Fresh Fruits:

Oranges. those small cute things
Strawberries. must be sweet
Bananas. must be ripe
Flowers x6 Bouquets. must be roses: red and yellow, her favorite
Beer/or Wine. preferably ale, or merlot if wine
Candles. must be purple, purple smells like lavender, I loved lavender
Milk. not like the rotten ones in my house

2. Drive up to the cemetery.

Say a prayer for her.
Grieve. I should grieve daily for losing her
Spend the whole afternoon. with my wife by her tomb.

3. Visit home. Not my home, my parent’s home

See what everyone’s up to.
If no one’s home or no one has time to spend with me — same thing
drink beer. or wine, whichever impulse won me at the grocery store.

4. Visit the doctor

Allergies kicking in. I’m allergic to beer





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