The Sassy Rapper

22 02 2016

Monica approached me before she exited the classroom. “I have a question for you since the Professor is busy with a crowd of students. Are the Forms related to the Cave, or is that just outside of it?” she asked. I tried to explain the matter to her as best as I could, hoping not to add to her confusion. Since we both needed to attend to our next classes, we proceeded to the halls to the campus grounds and we continued our discussion on Plato’s ideas of the Forms and the myth of the cave. Succinctly, Monica informed me that she understands it now. I went on to ask her what her major is, out of curiosity.

She does not have a major yet, she says. She’s completing her general education since she hasn’t come up with a decision. Upon knowing what my major is, she said she’s thought about it and considers taking up Philosophy as well. I loved that idea when she mentioned it to me.

Don’t get her wrong though: Monica knows what she wants. And I’ll tell you in a second what it is. Right now though, she’s undecided on what to specialize in. She wants to be a Rapper.

I tell her I’m happy you want to study philosophy, or psychology, really, any liberal arts is worth pursuit especially if you’re gonna be a Rapper. Most rappers nowadays rise to fame with their shallow lyrics and empty verses. I’m excited to see you and hear you. When did your interest start?

Well, it started when she was in a relationship with her then-boyfriend-now-ex, who was a Rapper. He was a rapper but his rap was trash, she tells me. “And you’re better than him?” I asked. Well, it’s quite inappropriate for me to ask that question but my realization of witholding that inquiry came late. We both know she’s better than him. Heck, his rap is garbage probably because he was shallow. Most men who cheats on women are, anyways. They cheat on women because of shallow reasons. Either they were feeling lonely at that time, or they thought their girlfriends wouldn’t find out, or they were instantly swoon by artificial physical appearances and unstable hormones.

I think I found a soulsister in Monica.

But something she said surprised me. “It’s amazing how smart you are I sometimes wish your words came from me. When you speak in class I often wish I thought of those thoughts.”

I could’ve replied any other way than this but this was what I said, “lol. you think so?” I laughed childishly, humbly or proudly I couldn’t quite make how I expressed my heart but my intention was to be humble. “I try to refrain from speaking in class recently because I feel like my points are a little too out of tangent and might just confuse anyone” I added. She shrugged, and said, “no I think you should speak more often. In fact you should teach the class because you’re so good at it.”

I’m not sure, Monica. It may be that I sound smart because I speak with conviction and try to be sassy and don’t take or give shit from and to anyone, or perhaps I really am smart like you think. But I couldn’t dwell on that compliment. Thank you. But I think I’m fine without it. I’ll rest my case with a Socratic humility, that I know nothing, and hence I am the smartest woman alive.




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