Very bright and beautiful. Politically oriented in her own ways and always in the heat in times of debate. A good friend, positive as always, that’s Anna Pastor.

— John Nitafan

A suspect—I mean a person of interest. A vagabond—I mean a traveler. Anna Akhmatova, Anna Laetitia Barbauld or Anne Brontë but there’s only one Anna who dares to ask, “is any of our known ’truths’ true or is there something fooling you?” Her name is so worldly so too her principles, but there are times she talks of things where you can only find in a Neverland. Endearing and spirited, this will always be the impression apparent when you meet her. She has eyes to appreciate beautiful stuff; she has ears to decipher one’s music; and most of all a noble heart wishes to extend smiles for every melancholic soul. She loves philosophizing as well as dreaming that can be traced with her verses. Anna Pastor dares to ask for she wants to know and beware for Plato’s dead sure she will ask for more.

— Analyn Amiscua

Think of the most sultry lady you know, gather her poise and sex appeal, then combine it with the confidence of the most trained actors and the wit of your favorite columnist. Even that combined will make up only a quarter of what the name Anna Pastor symbolizes, who she is, what she’s all about.
Anna’s smile could literally brighten up a room, and her antics will make anyone who’s down in the dumps rethink every angle in an otherwise hopeless situation. With her poise and elegance, wit and charm–she’s that girl every other female wants to be and looks up to–both for the answers to yesterday’s Chemistry homework and the latest fashion tips; and the girl every man in his right-thinking mind wants to bring home to his parents. Her ‘it’ girl tendencies will scare the crap out of Serena Van der Woodsen, but even with this relative perfection, Anna remains grounded–even if everybody knows she has the goods to spread her wings and take over the city.
You better watch out.

                                                     — Beatrice Tulagan

Anna Pastor, whose full name is a mystery to most, is a young lady that can be compared with philosophy – simple, yet complicated. Philosophy and Anna Pastor is most of the time put at the same sentence, for this young lady is being educated by an institution of higher learning known as the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and by a society that portrays the vilest state of men known as the Filipino people – their subject being, philosophy.

Anna manifests what the wise Twain had said, for Anna doesn’t let her schooling interfere with her education. Being educated by a university that hardly schools in the conventional method; and by a society that gives an explicit social consciousness to its people; and by the teachings of renowned philosophers and thinkers, who, not only changed the world, but also as the people in it; and by friends, that not only posits her rational side, but also her irrational; Anna had been the young philosopher that she is now.

Despite the young lady’s hectic schedule – she being a zealous family member, a hard-working student, a progressive student councilor, a dear friend, and at times an enthusiast of music – she still manages to be a writer.  Most of the time, she writes using words that are harmonized in an aesthetical and majestic manner, and calls it poetry; sometimes, she writes about her ruminations in life, influenced by the matterthat is surrounding her.

Having a positive character, Anna makes it easy to socialize with other people. And, although most people at a glance, would immediately notice her physical beauty, it would only take a short conversation with her to make you feel her inner wit. The inner wit, is most of the times misunderstood by people, though, as she always says,”nothing beats a wit, which no man can understand.”

Indeed, many are to be learned still by Anna. Though, at the pace she is doing, she makes herself one of the promising students of philosophy. And since she is influenced by just people, we can be sure, that Anna would not make sin to philosophy, but pursue the greater good.

— Mark Flores


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